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An all-inclusive surf experience you won't forget.




8 days


17-24 FEB 2024 (sold out)

23-30 MAR 2024

9-16 NOV 2024 (new date)

Are you tired of the same old surf spots?

Look no further! We invite you to venture beyond the ordinary and catch the ride of your life in Morocco’s hidden surf paradises. This isn’t just a tour—it’s a doorway to another world. A world where the thrill of the surf meets the mystique of Moroccan culture. A world where your passion for adventure is not only welcomed but celebrated. Come make your mark on waves untouched by time, under the guidance of world-class coaches, while enjoying beautiful accommodations that cater to your every need.

Features and Benefits

Unlock a world of extraordinary surfing and cultural experiences designed to elevate your adventure to the next level.

Wave Morocco

Wave Quality

Ride on some of the world's most amazing waves, suitable for beginner/intermediate skill level.

surf villa in Morocco

Amazing Accommodations 

Our surf house is designed for comfort, relaxation, and feeling all those Moroccan vibes.

expert surf coach

Expert Coaches

Our coaches have decades of collective experience to guide you through perfecting your surf technique.

Surf Travel Academy Tour Leader Marlene Marques

Adventure Leader

Our adventure leader will accompany you throughout the entire experience, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Moroccan culture

Local Culture

From vibrant markets to authentic Moroccan cuisine, you'll get a dose of culture that's as refreshing as the ocean air.

travel writing course

Travel Workshop

We've prepared a very special Travel Writing workshop so that you can capture all your wonderful Moroccan experience.


  • 7 nights accommodation in our surf villa (private/shared rooms)

  • 6 surf lessons (wetsuits + surfboards included)

  • Transfers from/to airport and all surf spots and activities locations

  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners prepared by our chef

  • Video guidance of surf lessons and analysis 

  • Travel writing workshop

  • Trips and other activities

    • Visit to Paradise Valley​

    • Visit to Argan Oil Factory

    • Visit to Agadir's local market

    • Day-trip to Imsouane

    • Sand surfing

  • Towels, laundry, housekeeping


  • International airfare

  • Personal Travel insurance (mandatory)

  • Personal expenses and tips

  • Visit to Moroccan hammam, massages, or other activities not mentioned on the "included trips and activities"

  • Anything not mentioned in the "Included" section

The surf villa

Our surf villa in Morocco belongs to Brahim Iddouch, Moroccan IBC world bodyboard champion. Brahim and his team of professionals will cater to every detail to create an amazing surfing experience and are always happy to share good vibes and waves with surfers around the world.

Gabriel Medina, Billy Camper and Ramzi Boukhiam are just some of the surf legends who regularly come over to the surf villa and ride the best waves of Morocco. 




Contact us to reserve your spot!

  • What happens if the tour is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, such as natural phenomena or travel restrictions?
    In the event of tour cancelation due to uncontrollable factors, we offer options for rescheduling or a full refund, depending on the specifics. Please refer to our cancellation policy for detailed information.
  • What happens if the surf tour is cancelled by STA?
    If we haven't reached the minimum number of surf travelers 20 days before the tour, we'll get in touch with you to let you know that the trip has been canceled. In such an event, we'll refund the amount you've paid so far, or you'll have the option to book a new date. Please refer to our cancellation policy for detailed information.
  • How are the rooms assigned?
    When you sign up for the trip, the rooms are assigned randomly among the travelers. If you are traveling alone, you will share a room with other surf travelers, preferably of the same gender. If you travel with a friend or as a couple, you will be assigned to the same room. Please note that room allocation will already be done before the trip.
  • Are STA surf tours safe?
    The safety and well-being of our surf travelers are our top priorities. We meticulously research and vet all destinations to ensure they meet our safety standards. In addition, we maintain strong local contacts who can assist us in case of an emergency. Also, our Adventure Leader is there to help in every way possible. However, accidents and unforeseen situations happen anywhere in the world, even on your doorstep. That's why we make it mandatory to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers surfing and other adventure activities.
  • Are flights included in the package?
    No, each traveler is responsible for buying their own plane ticket. We believe in giving our travelers the freedom to choose their preferred dates, times, and airline company.
  • Is there an age requirement to participate in a surf tour?
    The minimum age to participate in most of our surf tours is 18 years old, unless accompanied by a legal guardian. There is no upper age limit, but participants should be in good physical condition to enjoy the activities to their fullest. Some tours may have specific age recommendations or requirements, so please check the tour details or consult with us directly for more information.
  • What if I have to cancel my trip?
    We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, leading to the cancellation of your planned adventure. In such a situation, please note that the reservation deposit is non-refundable. However, you can utilize it for another date, provided it is available within the current year. Please refer to our cancellation policy for detailed information.
  • What level of comfort can I expect on these surf tours?
    Our surf tours are designed for the adventurous spirit, and part of the adventure often involves adapting to various conditions and settings. While we aim to provide comfortable accommodations and facilities, please be prepared for shared rooms, local transport, and other authentic experiences that are a part of the surf travel lifestyle. If you’re someone who enjoys stepping out of your comfort zone, you'll find these experiences add to the richness of your surf adventure.
  • Is travel insurance included in the package?
    Travel insurance is not included but, due to the adventure nature of our tours, it is mandatory. It's important to have comprehensive insurance that covers surfing and other adventure activities. You are free to use your own travel insurance company or you can get your insurance through IATI and get our 5% discount.
  • Do I need to be an experienced surfer to join?
    Not at all! We cater to all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned wave riders. Check the details of the tour you're interested in, or send us a message so we can find a tour that suits you from our active offer.
  • Can I join a surf tour if I'm traveling alone?
    Absolutely! Our surf tours are a fantastic way to meet like-minded adventurers and make new friends. Many of our participants come alone and leave with lifelong friendships. Rest assured, our Adventure Leaders are skilled at fostering a welcoming and inclusive group dynamic. You'll never feel alone on a STA tour; you're part of our surfing family the moment you sign up. ❤️
  • What destinations do the Surf Travel Academy tours cover?
    We offer a wide range of surf destinations, spanning from the exotic coasts of Morocco to the cultural surf hubs of Portugal, like Ericeira. Our goal is to expose you to the best surf spots around the globe and immerse you in extraordinary cultures.
  • How personalized are the surf tours?
    Our surf trips are tailor-made to suit specific surfing skills and include the best surf spots and experiences to get to know each destination. We strive to make your dream of the perfect surf trip come true! That's why we ask you to answer a brief survey before the trip so that we can include any needs you may have and ensure that your experience is as personalized as possible.
  • How do I book a surf tour?
    Send us a message with your desired surf tour and preferred date. We'll promptly send you the information you need to book your trip. A deposit is usually required to secure your spot, with full payment due at a later date.
  • Who leads the surf tours?
    We have expert local guides who will lead us to the best waves and show us the most unique spots. Additionally, all our surf tours come with an Adventure Leader who is experienced in surf travel and has knowledge of the destination. This person will take care of all the logistics and local contacts and will also ensure that the group is having fun and maintaining a respectful atmosphere.
  • When I book, is the surf tour confirmed?
    To ensure a successful surf tour, certain conditions need to be met. These include reaching the minimum number of participants and finalizing all necessary organizational arrangements such as reservations, transfers, and activities. Confirmation typically occurs a few months before the trip, but it may be up to 20 days before the date. Depending on how far in advance you book, the tour may still be awaiting confirmation or already fully confirmed.
  • What is included in the tour package?
    Our tour packages generally include accommodation, surf coaching, equipment, transportation to surf spots, and guided cultural experiences. Detailed inclusions can vary by tour, so be sure to check specific tour descriptions in each tour page.
  • What are the main surf spots we will visit in Morocco?
    The tour will mainly focus on the coastlines around Agadir and Imsouane, known for their world-class point breaks and beach breaks. The specific spots can vary depending on conditions and the skill level of the group. Our surf coaches will select the optimal surfing location on a daily basis.
  • What is the level of surf skill required for the Morocco tour?
    The Morocco Surf Tour is beginner-friendly and offers an excellent platform for those new to the sport. Our local surf coaches are well-versed in coaching novice surfers and will provide dedicated training to help you build your skills. The tour is designed to expose beginners to a variety of manageable wave conditions, ensuring a gradual progression in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Is Morocco a safe destination for surfing and travel?
    Yes, we carefully vet all destinations to ensure they meet our safety standards. Morocco is generally a safe and welcoming country, but like any destination, it's important to be respectful of local customs and laws.
  • What is the best time of year to go on the Morocco Surf Tour?
    The prime surf season in Morocco is from September to April, offering a variety of wave conditions suitable for all levels, and we aim our tours to that time slot. However, we may run tours year-round to capture the essence of Moroccan surfing in different seasons.
  • What can I expect from the Travel Writing Workshop?
    The Travel Writing Workshop is a unique feature of our Morocco Surf Tour that sets it apart from any other adventure. Led by our Adventure Leader, who brings over 20 years of journalism experience and is a published Lonely Planet travel writer and author of two Portuguese travel books, this workshop is an enriching opportunity you won't find elsewhere. The workshop is divided into two 90-minute sessions, strategically placed at the beginning and end of the tour. In the first session, you'll learn the fundamentals of travel writing, including essential techniques and styles. You can then apply these learnings as you explore Morocco, capturing your observations, emotions, and experiences. The second session, held at the end of the tour, focuses on transforming these raw insights into publishable travel writing pieces. Whether you're an aspiring writer or simply want to capture the magic of your surf adventure in words, this workshop is an invaluable addition to your journey.
  • Can I bring my own surfboard and gear?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring your own surfboard and gear. However, we provide high-quality boards and equipment as part of the surf tour package.
  • What currency is used, and are ATMs readily available?
    The Moroccan Dirham is the local currency. While ATMs are readily available in bigger cities and tourist areas, it's advisable to carry some cash when heading to more remote surf spots if you want to make some personal shopping.
  • What type of accommodation can I expect on the Morocco Surf Tour?
    On this exclusive tour, you'll be staying in a beautiful surf villa that epitomizes comfort and relaxation. With limited occupancy, the villa offers a tranquil setting to unwind. After your surf sessions and regional explorations, you can relax by our stunning swimming pool or take advantage of other chill-out facilities like the lounge and patio areas. Though the rooms are shared, they provide the perfect backdrop to forge new friendships and exchange surf and travel stories with like-minded adventurers. It's not just a place to stay; it's a community and an experience in itself.
  • Will I have time to myself?
    Certainly! Our tours are packed with exciting activities and opportunities for exploration and bonding. However, suppose you prefer not to participate in any specific activity. In that case, you can always stay at the villa and relax by the pool, catch up on some sleep, or venture out to explore the surroundings. Just keep in mind that if you decide to pursue any activity independently, you will do it on your own risk and expense, and without the company of our Adventure Leader, who will always be attending the rest of the group.
  • Do I need a visa to travel to Morocco?
    Visa requirements for Morocco can vary depending on your nationality. However, most countries are eligible for a free 90-day visiting visa that can be obtained upon arrival at the airport. It's always advisable to check the specific visa regulations for your country well in advance of your trip, but generally, the process is straightforward for most travelers.
  • How are transfers arranged on the Morocco Surf Tour?
    At Agadir airport, we'll have a transfer ready for surf travelers when they arrive. There will always be one of our drivers waiting for you. On the way back, it's the same: our drivers will pick you up from the surf villa and take you to the airport. Our transfers to and between surf spots and activity locations will be unique and organized for the whole group during the trip. However, if you want to go to the villa by yourself before the scheduled time, we won't be able to take you, but we can provide you with the contact details of a taxi service that you can use at your own expense.
  • Are the courses focused only on surfing techniques?
    While some courses may have specific modules dedicated to surfing techniques, our courses are much more than that. They offer a well-rounded curriculum that covers a variety of topics essential to surf traveling. This can include everything from destination research, travel gear recommendations, and local culture insights to ocean conservation and even weather patterns. The aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a savvy surf traveler.
  • Do the courses include real-world examples and case studies?
    Absolutely! Our courses are designed by expert surfers and seasoned travelers who share their firsthand experiences, tips, and even a few secret spots. In addition to the real-world examples and case studies, the courses come with multiple support materials available for download. This can include checklists, templates, and even surf spot guides, designed to enrich your learning experience and make your surf travel planning as smooth as possible.
  • How often are courses updated?
    We continually update our courses to include the latest information, techniques, and travel advisories. Once you're enrolled, you'll receive all future updates free of charge. Additionally, each course grants you access to a dedicated Facebook community, making it easy for you to share updates and information with fellow surf travelers. This community acts as a dynamic supplement to the course material, allowing you to benefit from the collective experiences and insights of others who share your passion for surf travel.
  • How long do I have access to the course material?
    Lifetime access is provided to all course materials. You can revisit lessons whenever you like, even after completing the course.
  • What level of surfing skill is required for the courses?
    Our courses cater to all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned pros. Each course description outlines the level of experience needed, so you can find the perfect course for you.
  • Can I get a refund if the course is not what I expected?
    We do not offer refunds, but we are confident that you'll find the courses valuable and engaging. Our courses are carefully designed by experts in the field to ensure they meet high standards and deliver comprehensive, actionable knowledge in surf travel. If you have concerns or questions, our team is always available to assist you.
  • Are the courses self-paced?
    Yes, you can take the courses at your own pace. Each course is broken down into easy-to-digest modules, so you can fit them into your schedule as you see fit.
  • Can I access the courses from anywhere?
    Yes, you can! All our courses are hosted on Thinkific, a professional online learning platform. This allows you to access the courses from anywhere with an internet connection, offering you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, on your own time.
  • Are there any discounts for multiple course enrollments?
    We strive to offer the highest quality courses at the most affordable rates, and we believe our prices reflect the best possible value for the in-depth, expert-led training you'll receive. Therefore, we don't offer additional discounts for multiple course enrollments, as we're already committed to providing you the best educational experience at the lowest cost.
  • Do I get any certification upon completing a course?
    Yes, you receive a digital certificate of completion for each course, which can be shared on social media or even added to your CV. You just need to send us a message after you complete the course.
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